With every four years, we get the World Cups, in soccer, basketball and what most people really look forward to, the Olympic games. I love that time of the year when you can sit back and watch all the glorious athletes perform at the Olympics: watching the Games is myContinue Reading

Every athlete hits a bump in the road here or there and things can get frustrating. For advanced athletes, gaining something more than what you already have is very difficult, because the level increases exponentially, and not linearly. You don’t simply run more and lit more to become better. Sometimes,Continue Reading

The world often sets its eyes on a person, when they are at the cusp of achieving something beyond believable. Some people simply strive for success and they find it through continuous effort and some luck here and there. Being the world number 1 in tennis, Novak Djokovic had aContinue Reading

Every sport has its rules, and every sport requires the players to follow the rules in order for a match to be properly played. For the spectators, knowing the rules is very important, because otherwise they would not be able to enjoy the matches. Some sports have rules which goContinue Reading

Professionals have strict workout schedules. Some of them practice on a daily basis to get the most of their week, and during some parts of the year, that training can be pretty rigorous. Every professional athlete trains a lot, as one would expect. Their work is not simply physical, butContinue Reading

The broad topic of sports and working out always has people commenting whether one thing is better than another. Which exercises are the right ones for one period of the season? What about stretching? Exercises play a large part in an athlete’s life, but, in all fairness, exercise is reallyContinue Reading