Everybody likes a bit of sports. Some people prefer individual sports while others are fans of sports where you have a team around you. Team sports can do lots for developing social skills, not to mention hand-eye coordination, balance and many other things. Development is important, physical, mental and asContinue Reading

Everybody watches some form of sports. People who cannot get into traditional sports, often find themselves watching esports tournaments because that is what they grew up with and that is what they can identify with. And therein lies the question, why are sports so important for us? Is it becauseContinue Reading

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but for the sake of the World Cup, we shall be calling it football from now on. It is the sport with the largest following, by far, and its fans are omnipresent. They are supporting their countries offline, on stadiums, orContinue Reading

With every four years, we get the World Cups, in soccer, basketball and what most people really look forward to, the Olympic games. I love that time of the year when you can sit back and watch all the glorious athletes perform at the Olympics: watching the Games is myContinue Reading

The world often sets its eyes on a person, when they are at the cusp of achieving something beyond believable. Some people simply strive for success and they find it through continuous effort and some luck here and there. Being the world number 1 in tennis, Novak Djokovic had aContinue Reading