The Weirdest Injuries in Baseball history

Sports are known to be problematic for beginner athletes, not to mention professionals. Not everybody has what it takes to survive sports. People have died playing sports, and some while practicing. Depending on the sport, there are possibilities to get severely injured, or only lightly.

Baseball has people with bats and pretty fast balls flying around, so there are bound to be some types of injuries. Some injuries you are likely to experience, like a ball to the gut, but others you might not expect. Here are the weirdest baseball injuries you could end up getting.

Fractured Fingers, But Not in The Common Way

Some players fracture their fingers because the ball hits them, even though they have protective gear.

Some players get hit because they simply do not manage to dodge the ball on time. However, not many people fracture their fingers because they have a wardrobe malfunction. By that, a player managed to break their own finger by taking their shirt off too vigorously. The shirt managed to catch on a nearby locker door and at the same time, their thumb got caught. Sometimes, you should not take your clothes off that vigorously. Take your time, you might save your thumbs.

Broken Hands

Frustration often gets the best of us. The said player who broke their thumb was not the first to get their limbs out of commission due to frustration. Players act out in anger, as humans do. But, when some of them act out, they do not think things through properly. That leads to broken bones. One of the more common, uncommon injuries is when players punch benches or any other objects. They end up with broken hands, which in the case of pitches, is pretty bad. Even batters get hurt when their hands are broken. So, if you plan on playing baseball, please, learn to manage your emotions, or break bats, they can be replaced.

Training Hurts

When people train in the gym, things can go wrong. You have probably seen clips of people doing bad things with dumbbells and barbells. Well, it even happens to professional baseball players. Some of them like doing squats, because strong legs make it easier to do everything in baseball, particularly run.

However, when you are doing repetitions which are near your theoretical maximum, you can get injured. In the case of a particular baseball player, they tried to stabilize the barbell with a band, but that did not work out. The barbell fell and broke their nose in the process. 

In any sport, you can find a plethora of possible injuries, all due to the nature of the sport. However, when players are a bit angrier than usual or less careful than they should be, you can see strange injuries, like the ones listed above.