The Recap of the 2021 Olympics

With every four years, we get the World Cups, in soccer, basketball and what most people really look forward to, the Olympic games. I love that time of the year when you can sit back and watch all the glorious athletes perform at the Olympics: watching the Games is my primary entertainment during those weeks. People also like using bonus codes online while watching the Games as it brings them even more fun! However, before using bonus codes online they usually read about the Golden Nugget Sportsbook Bonus Review as they want to stay informed. 

The 2020 Olympic games are still called that, even though they took place in 2021, due to a global pandemic. These are the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics, which had a few surprises, as most Olympics do. They are by far the most anticipated tournament every four years, so let us do a recap and see who performed the best.

With New Olympics, New Sports

The Olympics are all about competing and sportsmanship. But, the Olympics are also about sports. Why not introduce new sports, and why wait decades to have some sports which are iconic.

The 2020 Olympics had skating, sports climbing and surfing as new sports. These sports caught the eye of the world. They are already popular enough on their own, but to the people who practice them, on an amateur and professional level, this is a very important moment in history.

The 2024 Paris Olympics will have new sports, like breakdancing, an athletic way of dancing, hip-hop and a plethora of other dances, combined into a spectacular show of expression. Looking forward, there should be more sports, but the 2020 Olympics were a step in the right direction.

No Crowds Yet Still Blowing Up

Due to the number of different athletes being present from all the different countries of the world, the 2020 Olympics had an extremely strict bubble system, where athletes were simply alone, without their trainers. This proved to be pretty devastating for some athletes, but was necessary due to the global pandemic of COVID19. With no crowds, the Olympics were expected to flop viewing numbers-wise.

Quite the opposite, to many’s surprise and joy, the Olympics were still viewed by millions of people, which filled a lot of pockets and made a lot of fans happy. Crowd or no crowd, when thousands of athletes are competing in so many different disciplines, everybody will be watching.

Sportsmanship and Humanity

The 2020 Olympics were like most Olympics, filled with amazing events and sportsmanship. There were captivating moments, one of them being the story of Gianmarco Tamberi and Mutaz Barshim, the two high-jump gold medal champions. They tied for the highest jump and they simply asked, can we have two gold medals? After more than two and a half hours of jumping, there were two champions.

Simone Biles withdrew from the gymnastics competition and Novak Djokovic had a breakdown due to stress and expectations, which drew attention for mental health awareness and the stress that athletes go through on such a high level.

Every Olympics iteration has something special to give us and the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics were not different in that regard.