KickBoxing Vs Boxing – The Differences and Benefits?

When you have two sports which are really similar, but so different, then you have to ask yourself, which one is the right sport for you? Well, neither may be, particularly if you are not a fan of sports and working out. However, if you want to learn about sports, then this is the right place to do so.

Boxing and kickboxing appear similar and are, to an extent, but they are also very different. One has kicking in the name, so that must mean that there is kicking involved? Following are the differences and benefits of boxing and kickboxing.

Boxing – The Noble Way of Fighting

Boxing used to be known as the noble way of fighting, the sport for the noble fighters. Nowadays, it is a bunch of people swinging at one another in an arena full of sponsors, with plenty of sponsors on their shorts, as well. But, to be frank, all sports have advertisements and it is one of the ways of keeping a sport popular. 

However, boxing is great because it focuses on the punches and the head movement, not to mention the legs. You need to be able to fly through the ring and be very quick when it comes to moving your head. Your opponent can only punch and like you, they know how to do it very well. Boxing is great if you want to learn how to throw a really fast and strong punch, but also how to move quickly and work on your head movement (to avoid getting punched).

Kickboxing – Legwork Taken to a New Level

Kickboxing is different in its name and the way it is practiced. Most kickboxers have to divide their attention between punching and kicking. An added benefit of this is that their legs will be stronger and that they will be able to use them offensively and defensively.

This adds an entire new level of complexity to the fighting, because one has to expect punches and kicks. Dodging with the head is not as fast as with boxers, because one must dodge with the rest of their body, as well. A kick can go into the legs, body or the head. Kickboxing is great for balance work, not to mention learning how to defend from multiple ways of being attacked.

What’s the Right Choice?

Learning the right way of fighting or choosing the right sport for you cannot be answered with either one or the other. Each of the two sports have their benefits and drawbacks, when compared to one another, as well as other fighting disciplines.

Boxing will teach you how to punch, defend from all sorts of punching, as well as how to move extremely efficiently and dodge a fist.

Kickboxing will teach you to observe everything, from arms to legs, and to expect an attack at any part of your body. It will also help you with your balance.

These are the benefits and differences between boxing and kickboxing, the conclusion being that neither is better, but that one should try both if they want to learn a fighting discipline.