The Best Movies About Baseball

Not every sport gets the spotlight as they might deserve. There are notable movies about almost every sport, however, even though some of them get only a single notable movie. Sports like soccer and basketball get plenty of movies about their stars or the sport itself because, in the sports industry, they are as popular as is amongst people who like to have a go at slots online. 

On the other hand, you have a sport like baseball which is only popular in certain parts of the world, like the United States and Japan, for example. Being that popular in the said countries, you can expect it to be depicted well in at least a couple of movies. Here are the best baseball movies, for all you baseball fans, as well as newcomers.

Bull Durham

This movie has it all. If you like sports, but you also like your movie to have a bit of drama, then it is likely that this is the right one for you. It is a movie about a coach who has his work cut out for him with a new player. However, when love gets mixed with things, then you know that it is never as simple as working out and getting better, or in the case of the coach, doing their job as efficiently as possible. If you want a bit of romance, drama and a lot of baseball, as well as great character development, then try Bull Durham.

A League of Their Own

What about a movie that nails the gritty world of baseball in the spotlight, but also behind the scenes? You know that a movie is good when you have Tom Hanks doing some of his best work, even though underappreciated by most who are not baseball fans. The cast is great, the plot is amazing and the movie will teach you what baseball looks like, while the game is being played and in the locker room.

Field of Dreams

We all like it when things start getting weird. A little supernatural here and there never hurt anybody (except the people who claim that aliens have performed invasive exams on them). Field of Dreams is a movie starring Kevin Costner, and his character gets an interesting dream, to build a baseball field. If you build it, they will come, a voice told him.

And he did, only to be met by baseball legends. Yet, the movie is not about baseball legends coming back to play one more game on the terrestrial plane, but rather, something you should find out by watching the movie.


Something a bit more modern, please? Here you go, a movie starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. In this movie, they meet as businessman and economist and decide that the best way to form a sports team is through using computers, equations and mathematics. Will they succeed? What is the team like? What about the coaches and everything else surrounding the team? Well, watch the movie to find out. Success is not a formula to be followed closely.

Everybody Wants Some!

A modern take on the nostalgic 1980s, when a freshman meets his new baseball teammates. College is about experimenting, growing and learning. Baseball meets college, meets youngsters trying to experience life on their own for the first time? Sounds like fun!

Baseball is a sport that has a plethora of great movies that feature the sport. These are some of them. Try them, and in doing so, you will discover other baseball movie gems.